J.O.Y. Club

J.O.Y. Fellowship (Just Older Youth) is exactly what the names implies: if you’re too old for the youth group, we have a place for you. J.O.Y. Fellowship meets monthly, usually the third Friday of each month from 11:00 – 1:00 PM, with dates and announcements for coming events published in the newsletter and weekly announcements.

The purpose of J.O.Y. is to give us a place to break bread together in a fun and safe venue. Each month lunch is provided, a devotion is shared, and programs of speakers, games or trips arranged, but the best part of J.O.Y. is the participants that join us.

We hope you can arrange your calendar to fellowship with us. Sign up for the JOY Club mailing list or contact us for more information,

Upcoming 2022 EVENTS

  • TBD