Weekend Preview

Friday, September 23, 2022

Choosing Teams

Choosing teams: someone is picked first and someone is picked last. Most of us were picked somewhere in between. We know how it feels to be less than first choice.

A lot has changed since elementary school and even high school. Our world doesn’t revolve around when we were picked to play kickball or football or what our order was on cheer squad. We still get picked…and passed over. The stakes are higher now. Job promotions and pay raises. Clinical trials and treatments for cancer and other diseases. We still don’t want to be passed over or left unchosen entirely.

God is choosing a team and you are part of it. You are first string in God’s choosing…not just because I said so or you hope so. The Bible tells us clearly that God is choosing you and me. God has a history of choosing winners who didn’t feel like winners. Abraham and Sarah…Moses…King David…Simon who became Peter and Saul who became Paul. They were all chosen…and so are you!

Join us this Sunday! We are starting a 4 week series you will not want to miss. The series is called “Chosen” and this week we focus on how God is choosing you and me for a very important team called Church! We will take a Biblical look at how God is pursuing us, calling us and choosing us to be part of the greatest organization in the world: Church! In future weeks we will look at how being chosen changes us, completes us and calls us forward on God’s team called Church. This is one Sunday you do NOT want to miss and a perfect Sunday to invite someone to join you. Our contemporary service is at 8:30 AM (come as you are, in the fellowship hall) and our traditional service is at 11 AM (warm & traditional, in the sanctuary with livestream). Can’t come in person or miss last week’s message? You can still experience it via our livestream on Facebook or the Concord Church Website!

Reading ahead? We encourage you to read ahead…the more you know the deeper and richer Sunday’s message will be for you. This week’s text is 1 Peter 2:9-10. In addition to this key text, 2 Peter 3:8-9, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Matthew 16:18, John 21:15-19, and John 3:16 will all be referenced.

Don’t Forget:

  • The joint meeting Tuesday at 6:30 of the Concord Methodist Men and Mission Minded Women for a special meal and presentation from Sherry Clayton from Cry Freedom Ministry that combats human trafficking!

  • We will have a presence at this year’s Personality Fest on Saturday October 1st in uptown Roxboro. Be sure to stop by or volunteer to represent Concord Church for a few minutes or a few hours.

  • Pancake Breakfast will be Sunday October 9th and benefits our Backpack Pals ministry that feeds children who are at risk in our community.

You Can Volunteer! We need communion servers at 8:30 and the 11 AM traditional services for October 2nd. To volunteer, please click Here! Watch your weekly e-bulletin/newsletter for opportunities to help at Woodland Elementary School!

Peace & Partnership,

Tom Newman, pastor