Differences that Divide the UMC

Are you confused about the nature of the current divide in the United Methodist Church? These videos (blue links below) were published on the Good News site (the same organization that publishes the Good News Magazine which we distribute each month). Please take a moment to watch each one and you'll learn about the direction the UMC is taking and why Concord Church Council has recommended disaffiliation with the UMC and affiliation with the Global Methodist Church. You can also learn more by reading the article in the July Newsletter.

  1. The United Methodist Church is Divided and Dividing – the theological and spiritual issues surrounding the division within the denomination.

  2. Our Differences Regarding the Bible – how divergent views about the Bible creates division within The United Methodist Church.

  3. Our Differences Regarding Jesus – how differing views about Jesus creates division within the United Methodist Church.

  4. Our Differences Regarding Sexuality – how United Methodism’s departure from traditional views on marriage and sexuality has created division within The United Methodist Church.

  5. Why It’s Time for Traditionalists to Leave The United Methodist Church.

  6. Where Should we Go? The Rev. Rob Renfroe makes the case for moving from the United Methodist Church to the Global Methodist Church.